New Artwork displayed in Vistana Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

Yin and Yang 
Yin Yang
Yin Yang
My Heart in You
My Hear in You
My Heart in You
Wau (Malaysian Kite)
if you are interested in these pieces, please email me ching [at] ching-teoh [dot] com, … hope to hear from you. 
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3 thoughts on “New Artwork displayed in Vistana Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

  1. I love the Yin & Yang combination.


  2. I really love how “My heart in you”…that bold black frame really compliments your piece well. Gorgeous!

  3. Hi Joie, Thank you for dropping by! Always happy to see your comment. 🙂

    Hi! Emiko, yeah, I feel the same way of the bold black frame around it. Thanks Khoo for the fantastic idea!

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