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Rose Cockatoo II – SOLD

Rose Cockatoo II is heading to her new home in Derrinallum, Victoria on Monday! This set of painting I did in Canberra are both sold now. They are the first two painting I did after moving to Australia. New life in this new land. We have been like riding a roller coaster, loads of up and […]

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Cockatoo in my First Winter in Australia

– Hi All, How’s everyone? This is my first winter, yes first in my life. Therefore, we are excited and curious on every changes we feel and see everyday, we enjoy the cold and chill, excited to see the frost and frozen bird bath, ice on our car wind-shield … many more. A lot to learn […]

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My First Artwork in Australia

Hi all,  Hope everyone been doing great!  I am very excited and grateful that I have been invited to participate in CRANLEIGH – CAPITAL CHEMIST ARTSHOW which will be held on October 19-21 at Cranleigh School in Holt, ACT. The show raises money for Cranleigh School, a school for children with disabilities. This year it is raising […]

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How Would You Like Cockatoo in Texture?

After a long long absence from painting, today I manage to get myself together and putting my ideas down on canvases, Cockatoo.. what do you think?  We have been getting Cockatoos, Rosellas and other beautiful birds in our garden during this Autumn, and I can’t get it away from my mind. hahaa..   Cockatoo .. greeting […]

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