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Speed Drawing of James Black

I am so happy to be contacted by James Black Music to do a speed drawing of James Black. James Black had been a well known songwriter who writes for film/TV soundtracks namely One Tree Hill, Daybreakers, Kill Bill 2, Titanic , New York I Love You and many more. Check out more of James’s new music and soundtracks […]

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Staying Focus

after a rest last night. mind are working better today.  telling myself that have to stay focus!  and here I am, sculptured a painting I am going to call her ‘Target’ and also, with the ‘energy’ i have today, I also worked on a few small art on recycled mat board which i collected from ArtBug.

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an afternoon in front of PC

just after lunch, making myself a cup of coffee and sitting in front of my PC … checking on Etsy store. It has been really quiet lately online. offline, prepared and submited a few proposals to some local hotels. please pray for me to have able to get the project.

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John Lennon Love

as usual leaving for my trim & tone group excercise yesterday … during the last session of stretching excercise, the instructor had played us John Lennon’s Love … lyrics … Love is real, real is love,Love is feeling, feeling love,Love is wanting to be loved.Love is touch, touch is love,Love is reaching, reaching love,Love is […]

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my sketch of Penang old colonial house

a client came to ask me to sketch their family’s old house, before it is being demolished.there are many beautiful colonial houses in Penang. But, very few being taken good care of. 依頼人は私に彼らの家族の古い家をスケッチする。その家が破壊されそうです。ペナンで 沢山美しい コロニアル様式の家が有ります。しかし、ほとんど良く気をつけられないことです。 A house on Kedah Road, Penang A house on Hutton Lane, Penang. クリックしてください

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