I Hope You Love GREEN as I Do …

This is ArtBug Frame shop, and it is also my studio, office and home. Khoo and I started running this place since 5 years ago.  I love gardening .. so I have turned the cement screed in front of our shop corridor into a small planter box.  They grow quite well… I have a banana tree on the left (which in this photo was hiden behind one of the motobikes) and huge elephant ears .. and on the right I have a Plumeria tree (or some call frangipani)  … and along the pavement I have plenty of ground cover plants such as lantana and other small tropical plants … 
In the photo below you could see that I had just prune the Plumeria Tree. It had been growing so well with lovely pink flowers blooming … but sad to say that, there are many ‘flower lovers’ who had been picking the flower by force and tearing the tree brunches and hurting the tree, I have to prune that from time to time and let it re-grow and when it starts to blooming again, there comes the flower thief. Same happen to the banana tree which was just having its first flower bud had been violently bent and spoiled (photo can be seen in my Facebook) … even on the ground cover plants ..  people had been treating them as a rubbish dumping bin too .. almost every morning, I have to pick up tissue papers, ice cream sticks, drinks plastic bags, cans, cigarettes, flyers and many more .. and help to throw it to the place it should be ..the rubbish bin. Oh yes before I forgot, even the potted plants were stolen! 
Just getting more and more worry on the community’s values, morals and ethics.  Aren’t a cleaner, greener and fresher environment healthier to live in? By doing a little bit everyone, sure we will have a cleaner surrounding to live in. Even though you are not offering anything, but at least please do offer your consideration to others. Before you take out your hand to throw any unwanted items, or to pick or pluck or hit or bent anything please consider other who share the living environment with you. Please be considerate. 
shop front with plants
Sorry about my grumbling again. I hope your mood is not ruined by me … 🙂 and I hope that you love GREEN as I do… 🙂
Here are some closer view of my small planter box … behind on the corridor by the window parked our purple scooter which takes us to dinner and wandering around Georgetown.
shop front with plants
tropical plants
tropical plants
updated 28 April:
this morning, manage to take a photo of a yellow Lantana flower before it is picked by someone
yellow small flower
see… why plastic bag should be banned …
see why plastic bag should be banned
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