Sunday Morning Ride

We borrowed two bicycles from a friend to cycle around Gurney and Pulau Tikus this morning. Have to really go very early else you will have to packed with the cars even though you are not driving. The weather is good! Cooling breeze .. haa.. but it seems going to rain soon.

me & ET
me and theng
Birds on the Wire
Birds on the Wire
Beautiful Morning Sky at Gurney Drive
Beautiful Morning Sky at Gurney Drive
Quiet Gurney in the Morning
quiet Gurney in the morning
Roof Plants
the roof plants at the Lor Mee shop in Pulau Tikus. 

I always find this roofing plants fascinating. This was taken in the corner shop at Pulau Tikus selling Lor Mee. It makes the air fresh and cooling. The only bad point, you may have a fallen dried leaf in your mee once in a while 😉

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