“The Rising Peacock” Risen !

I had been contacted by Suparna Partners on incorporating an image of my painting “The Rising Peacock” on their website.  After a few discussion, we have worked on a licensing agreement and “The Rising Peacok” is now on Suparna Partners website and also related materials (such as handouts, slide presentations, and business cards).  Suparna Partners is a business consulting company in Wisconsin, U.S.A. They have recently taught in India and have strong connections to Indian culture from way back. Suparna, is a divine bird from the Vedic traditions. Several of my paintings seem to capture the essence of this divine bird. And they have chosen “The Rising Peacock” and said that, “We all agree that your work is just beautiful, and this image in particular fits perfectly with what we do.”

And, this is how “The Rising Peacock” risen on Suparna’s website header.  A little changes on the orientation is agreed upon our discussion.

ChingTeoh The Rising Peacock texture painting on Suparna website

I am happy with how it turns out.

Great! Hope that everyone have a wonderful and productive week ahead!
Cheers! ~

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