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I have always wanted to be able to dance freely, jump expansively in the air, move over the beats of the music… an impulsive art form. Well, I haven’t actually attempted serious dancing haa just been doing some Zumba lately, and I did attempt on some dance figurative paintings. Sharing with you here, Leaps. Would love to have your comments.

So it is 2014 ! how was your Christmas and holidays break?

Eng and I haven’t been doing much, we just drove around Geelong region and have had a fun day out at Ballarat and Daylesford.

Gold Shop at Ballarat


Gift Shop at Daylesford

And have also making some Man Tou haa..  surprisingly it is so soft, fluffy and bouncy! We love it! Thanks to Yi Reservation for the recipe! In the recipe Yi was using the bread machine, but I just hand knead. It is good for some workout haa… I do enjoy kneading.

edited : 2 Aug 2017, found another post of Chinese Steamed Buns.  Will be my next attempt.  🙂

Man Tou - soft, fluffy and bouncy

Till next, hope everyone eat, play and live!




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