Guess What?! … We’re Moving to GOLD COAST, Queensland!

After 1 year and 10 months in Geelong, we are moving again! Though I love living in Geelong, but it’s time to move on for the next stage of life.

Seems like 3 years in Australia, we have stayed in 3 different states. Start with ACT, Victoria and now Queensland.

We have chosen Gold Coast in Queensland. I think its beauty of nature and relaxed lifestyle would suit us. Have been visiting Brisbane, but not sure if we could cope with the busy city life.

Eng has been started getting some sub-contracting job in Gold Coast and leaving me alone here in Geelong. How easy he just get by .. haa.. always be the clever one.  Here I am alone packing and packing and packing in 10/12 Cedar Grove, Highton; selling most of our furniture and keep only personal effects, some really old albums, books, my artworks and Bingkai’s collections. Which we are going to fit all in Belingo! hmm.. I am still cracking my head on how to make this possible. Eng will be back on the 23/8 to join me. Finalizing on our lease here, then we will be making a big drive from Geelong to Gold Coast.

Oh yes, last weekend I have a little walk from Rutland Street to Pakington Street. Looking back on how Bingkai started and moved out from Rutland St. Heart feel sinking … though the move means another good start but still it is hard ..

So Bingkai Geelong is all starts here. ..  this number to call.

And.. Bingkai last seen here in Rutland Street, Newtown, Geelong.

And next … we will be in Gold Coast! 
New photo to be posted soon … 

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