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Melbourne Tram Network

Melbourne Tram Network, originally uploaded by chingteoh. We found the Tram system in Melbourne is cool. We could see that even the elderly travel with ease. And, the network is complete spreading through CBD and city fringe. We love it! And they have the FREE City Circle Tram!

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Our Trip to Melbourne

Khoo and I spent 7 days with our parents in Melbourne. It was an unforgettable trip.  They have found Melbourne an interest place to visit everything is new for them. They are quite reluctant to try the local food but they did enjoy their lunch at Brumfield Winery (thanks Anda and David for preparing such a nice […]

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A Month just Passed

It has been the second month of the year now. I can’t believe and didn’t realize the time just passed so fast and quietly .. and now it is the second month! Chinese New Year is just around the corner .. and it’s time to go back for family gathering, eating and eating and eating. […]

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